What You Need To Know When Taking Cialis?

Erectile dysfunction is a very common problem seen in most of the older men these days. People who attain 40 years and above are likely to suffer from ED problems. There are many drugs available in the market to treat the impotence problems in men. One of the best known generic alternative to the popular Viagra pills is the Cialis pills. This pill contains Tadalafill that is known to help in treating ED problems in men. It will help in relaxing the penile muscles and improving the blood flow into the penis arteries. This will in turn help in the manhood getting stronger and long lasting erection upon sexual stimulation.

Taking Cialis

Before you consume Cialis for daily use, it is very important for you to know the right dosage that you need to take for the drug to show its full effect. There are many people who do not follow the instructions and in a haste to enjoy strong erection take two or three tablets in a day or at one go. The recommended dosage of Cialis per day is just one and you need to stick to it. Taking more might result in low to serious side effects and sometime might even turn out to be life threatening. The pill can be taken with or without food unlike other ED treatment pills. The tablet has to be swollen as a whole and you must drink plenty of water as well when taking the medicine. It is recommended to take this pill just an hour before your planned intercourse session with your partner. Just by consuming this pill, you will not be getting an instant penile erection. Your penis has to be sexually aroused to enjoy an erection and once you get the erection, you can see that it will last longer than normal.

Dosage Information

If you are going to use Cialis over the counter pill for the first time, then it is recommended that you take an initial dose of 10 mg orally a day. You can take this pill an hour before your planned sexual activity. The medicine will start to show its effects within 45 minutes of orally consuming the drug. The maintenance Cialis dosage is just 5mg to 20 mg a day and can also be taken as needed. The pill has to be taken before the sexual activity and the dosage will be based on your tolerance and efficacy. If you find that the pill has been able to improve your ED problems and had a telling effect on you for 36 hours, then you need to just use 2.5mg dose every day at the same time without needing to time the pill intake prior to your sexual activity. If you miss taking the pill, then take it as soon as you remember. If the missed dose is close to the next dose time, then leave it and take the new dose.

What To Avoid?

It is important that you do not smoke and consume alcohol when taking the Cialis pill. You should also avoid taking in grapes and grapefruit extracts when you are consuming Cialis.

Cialis has minimal side effects that are mostly connected with light problems with stomach (diarrhea or nausea) or face flushing. You can avoid these side effects from Cialis if you follow all recommendations during the use.